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Makandra (Ouwe Rotte) Ouwe Rotte


Makandra is Surinamese and means together. How can we be together like this

painful past divides us? The drum beats, the luggage is unpacked, ancestors are introduced.

In the performance 'Makandra' by the Theaterwerkplaats for Ouwe Rotten

six women tell each other stories about their past. They were born on

Curaçao, in Suriname, in the Netherlands. A large rug is being knocked out, the dust slowly flutters down. The six

women know: this is what we have to face. Together.

Are you watching and listening?

Players: Joan Edwards, Maggy Groeizaam, Miquê Hamden, Ineke Klaassen, Eline

Mohunlol-Jaharia, Marian van Strien

Concept and direction: Mariëlle van de Griendt

Text: Willy Hilverda in collaboration with the players

Percussion: Lauriane Ghils

Dance coach: Junadry Leocaria

All dates

Wed 26 Jun
14:30 - 16:00

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