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Louise Jallu

The French Louise Jallu has been playing the bandoneon for more than twenty years. At home - she has been playing since she was 5 - she heard the sounds of Bartok and Piazzolla. But she especially immersed herself in the rich fabric of her passion, the tango. Her teachers César Stroscio and Juan José Mosalini gave her the foundation needed to make a name for herself in tango circles. Louise has now mastered the history and the instrument, without resorting to simple replaying. Louise is looking for experiment, while rooting herself in a long tradition. She follows in the footsteps of famous predecessors - Anibal Troilo, Astor Piazzolla, Maximo More, Dino Saluzzi - and is a unique personality in a predominantly male environment.

At the age of 17, Louise founded her own group, the Louise Jallu Quartet. She also sets up all kinds of collaborations. In 2019 she released her first album Francesita, inspired by a book by Albert Londres about the slavery of white women, and by the music of the Argentinian tango pianist Enrique Delfino. Her second album Piazzolla 2021 is an ambitious and modern arrangement of the music of Astor Piazzolla and has been praised by the international press.

Jallu chooses not to play the revival card, but breaks with the original. This means music in the spirit of, but never to the letter of, Piazzolla. Louise uses a meticulous and critical, enlivening approach: she slows down the tempo, blazes new harmonic paths and reformulates the tango melody. Jallu: "If you claim to bring something new, you have to do something different. Then you take the music somewhere else." Louise Jallu is now coming to the Netherlands for the first time for two concerts!

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Fri 29 Nov

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