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L'orne (release show), Indigo Pastel, Whoooom

The sirens of L'orne sing songs straight from the air. Reminiscing about getting lost in mossy forests, losing sight of the misty sea in front of you and the increasing noise in your head. L'orne whispers in your ear and sings you to sleep, just before a storm arises big enough to turn your dream into a nightmare.

Indigo Pastel's sonic palette is deliberately volatile and urgent: one foot anchored in bleak dream pop, lo-fi folk and lurching slowcore, the other in sweeping synth pop, new wave and alt-rock. Within that range of influences, they search for remnants of warmth, triumph and idealism, even in the most arid corners of the human psyche. Indigo Pastel have gained a steady following thanks to their intense, riveting live shows – often in stark contrast to their recordings – and are as all-encompassing as they come, as in love with the hedonism of '80s New Romantics as Wong Kar Wai films .

Whooom is a storm of dreamy, psychedelic doom that plunges listeners, both on recordings and live, into a trance through the repetition of musical patterns. By sharing members with the Rotterdam punk masterpiece Forbidden Wizards, Whooom creates a very different hypnotic and soothing atmosphere.

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Fri 14 Jun
20:30 - 23:00

Friday 14 June

20:30 - 23:00
From € 9,00
Little Red Riding Hood - Burgerbitch -  Delftseplein 39, Centrum
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