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Liefjes - Terrasbios

From classics to summer highlights from the past season. Watch them in our intimate outdoor cinema on the water: the Terrace Cinema. Malak, Celia and Jae are fourteen years old and travel with their families to a campsite in the south of France. Despite the presence of their families, they are mainly in their own world. Malak longs for the discovery of true love, while Celia is convinced of the true love she has already found, despite others' doubts about her relationship. Jae, on the other hand, lives mainly in her online world of Snapchat, Insta and TikTok, where she believes that real connection can be digital. The campsite functions as a mini universe where the girls can be themselves and freely fantasize about who they want to be. What do they choose then? How much choice do you actually have about who you are when you're fourteen? How does the online world and the mobile phone influence those choices? Is love real as it is depicted or is it all fantasy?

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Wed 4 Sept

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