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Laurens Collegium holiness in a modern world by Stravinsky and De Leeuw

While writing Cinq Hymnes, Ton de Leeuw was possessed by the same spirit that influenced poet and musician Kabir in the fifteenth century. A prophet who believed in a different reality than the religiously and ethnically segregated society in which he lived. Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms was born, somewhat more pragmatically, from a request from his publisher to write something popular. Despite these different origins, both pieces ask for reflection and contemplation on the meaning of holiness in the modern world.

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Fri 31 Jan

Friday 31 January

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Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (under)seeks music lovers

Music knows how to touch us in many ways and plays a role in just about everyone's life. The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, together with Erasmus MC and Erasmus University, is organising a large experiment in which an audience watches performances by the orchestra and a pop band. At the same...

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Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (under)seeks music lovers

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