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Kunstinstallatie 'Van Herinnering en Troost'

Rotterdam is the city of reconstruction. The 15th-century Laurenskerk stands at 'ground zero' in the no man's land of the bombed city. People from all over the country came to see how the city regrouped and rebuilt in the void after the Second World War. The disaster made room for new growth. Now, more than 80 years after the bombing, the Laurenskerk stands in the middle of a self-confident city that is on the international map, partly because of its architecture. The month of May in Rotterdam is all about remembering and celebrating. Not only because of the commemoration on May 4 - with a silent procession from the Laurenskerk to Plein 1940 - and the celebration of the liberation on May 5. But also because of the commemoration of the bombing on May 14 and the festive Construction Day on May 18, which has been celebrated since 1947.

The art installation Remembrance and Consolation brings everything together. Caroline Bijvoet's paintings zoom in on the devastation of the bombing, while Frits Rotgans' photos zoom out and show the resilience that people apparently have to clean up the mess and build something new. A comforting thought for everyone who is dealing with this now.

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4 May - 31 May
Laurenskerk Rotterdam

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From 4 May to 31 May

From € 4,00 tot € 4,00
Laurenskerk Rotterdam -  Grotekerkplein 27, Centrum
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