Justice beyond Revenge - Recalling Louk Hulsman [Solo exhibition Robert Glas] <sup></sup>

Justice beyond Revenge - Recalling Louk Hulsman [Solo exhibition Robert Glas]

In this exhibition, Robert Glas examines how views on punishment and justice changed radically in the Netherlands in the mid-1980s. Where previously, led by Rotterdam legal scholar Louk Hulsman, there was a lively public debate about which forms of justice constructively help society, strict prison sentences and zero tolerance became the undisputed norm.

Glas reconstructed a 1:1 test setup of a cell for the Schie prison, as a film set for a meeting between a former prisoner and the architect. For a new video work, experienced experts jointly present a text in which Louk Hulsman calls for the abolition of the criminal justice system. While rehearsing the text, conversations arise with criminal law students about the value of Hulsman's proposal at a time when toughness is structurally mistaken for decisiveness.

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26 Jan - 21 Apr

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From 26 January to 21 April

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