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Judy Lijdsman - You're Too Cute To Be An Astronaut

Maybe you remember: January 1986. NASA is ready for the launch of a Space Shuttle with Judy Resnik on board. She is the second American female astronaut at that time... The launch ends disastrously.

In You're Too Cute To Be An Astronaut, Judy Lijdsman takes you back to the '80s again and you meet Judy Resnik. With a PhD in electrical engineering, she is passionately focused on creating the very first robotic space arm, a game changer in space travel. She becomes the second American female astronaut. A stamp that others are only too happy to put on her, to the annoyance of Judy herself.

Who was this genius engineer, who was mainly profiled as a woman by the outside world because of her beautiful appearance?

You're Too Cute To Be An Astronaut is a journey through time and space, from the moment NASA selects candidates for the Space Shuttle program, through the grueling training and media circus surrounding the first space women, to the blood-curdling launch of the Space Shuttle on January 28, 1986.

Judy Lijdsman turned the life story of her namesake into a stand-up biography, based on thorough research and with original sound recordings from NASA. Get to know the world of NASA, right from the comfort of your Valhalla chair.

Concept, text, game: Judy Lijdsman | With thanks to Joeri Vos, David Resnik, Helene Norin, Daan Veldhuizen

In addition to Dutch, English is also spoken in the performance.

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Thu 23 Jan 20:30 - 22:30 Little Valhalla Buy tickets

Thursday 23 January

20:30 - 22:30
From € 17,50
Little Valhalla -  Sumatraweg 9-11, Feijenoord
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