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Jet Sol interviewt Tim Hofman over zijn nieuwe boek

This afternoon, Jet Sol interviews journalist and program maker Tim Hofman about his new book Good Courage, an inspired plea for a less fearful existence.

Good courage - Plea for a less fearful existence

In his ten years as an investigative journalist and program maker for BOOS, Pak De Macht and Over Mijn Lijk, among others, Tim Hofman has always concerned himself with the question: what space would be created if we let fear be less of a guideline? For ourselves, but also in how we relate to each other.

What strikes him: in situations where people clash, feelings of fear usually appear to play a major role. In Goede courage, Tim Hofman examines in eighteen inspiring and passionately written chapters what it would yield if we were all less guided by fear.

In his book, Tim shows that when we realize what exactly we are afraid of, we can more easily live beyond our fears. Because less fear in our existence creates much more space for ourselves and others.

Tim Hofman (1988) works at BNNVARA, where he presents the programs BOOS and Over Mijn Lijk, among others. At the beginning of 2016 he was the winner of the game show Wie is de Mol? and in 2018 he was one of the writers of the Book Week Gift for Young People. With his documentary Back to your own country he managed to collect 250,000 signatures and arranged a children's pardon for seven hundred children. In 2020, Tim Hofman won three major prizes: the star for best presenter, the star for best online video series for BOOS and the Golden Televizier Ring for Over Mijn Lijk. With BOOS he also won the prestigious journalistic prize De Tegel in 2023 and the episode on The Voice of Holland earned him the award as Journalist of the Year. His poetry collections Poems from the brother of Roos (2017) and Funny Shame (2019) were bestsellers.

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Sat 22 Jun
15:00 - 16:30

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