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Indië Verloren (Selling a colonial war) Selling a colonial war

The documentary Indië Verloren… Selling a Colonial War reveals how the Dutch government maintained the frame of a just war in Indonesia (1945-1949) for decades through framing, propaganda and political decisions. The film shows how, under the guise of 'police actions', politicians managed to sell this struggle to the population, and why no attention was paid to the violence on the other side during the Bersiap period.

Internationally renowned historians from Indonesia, Australia, America and the Netherlands, among others, will speak to provide insight into this complex history. Indië Verloren... places, for the first time, this war and this history in the international political context of the time and shows how the different frames continue to have an effect to this day.

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Thu 30 May
20:00 - 23:30

Thursday 30 May

20:00 - 23:30
From € 0,00 tot € 6,00
Studio de Bakery -  Bergweg 283, Noord
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