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Identity Flux

Identity Flux refers to a state of constant change in our being. Our identity and the way we present ourselves is always in motion and subject to change. There is not one authentic self, but an interplay of different sides, each emerging in different situations. Taking on a role or alter ego is a way to explore and develop the different aspects of our identity. It is a means to cherish hidden sides, discover emerging desires and explore the various aspects of our identity through self-chosen frameworks.

Identity Flux, Nadine van den Bosch's second exhibition at Garage Rotterdam, offers an insight into a parallel world in which appearances are carefully constructed and emerge in different – sometimes very subtle – ways. Alternative identities are explored and duality is celebrated.

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28 Apr - 7 Jul
Garage Rotterdam

From 28 April to 7 July

From € 0,00 tot € 2,00
Garage Rotterdam -  Goudsewagenstraat 27, Centrum
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