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Henry van Loon - Keanu (try-out) try-out

It's time for a performance in which I delve deeper into the similarities between the actor Keanu Reeves and myself, thought Henry van Loon.


So see his findings here:

Keanu Reeves starred in films alongside stars such as Charlize Theron and Al Pacino, and Henry van Loon did not.

Keanu is a unique first name and means 'cool wind over the mountains'. Henry (derived from Hendrik, one of the most common Germanic given names) means 'homestead'.

Henry owns a vintage shirt with Keanu Reeves' image on it. As far as we know, Keanu Reeves doesn't even know about Henry's existence.

But both Keanu Reeves and Henry and you probably feel like you're stuck in a Matrix at times. As if the world is a simulation. A montage of nonsensical, pointless, redeemable moments, from which there is only one way to escape: Laughter.

All. Hard. Laugh.

Come too. Take the blue pill and experience the most hilarious evening of your life. Or take the red pill and sit at home on the couch whining.

Keanu. A theatrical biopic in which there will probably not be a word about Keanu Reeves. Shhh.

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Thu 17 Oct 20:30 - 22:30 Canteen Valhalla Buy tickets

Thursday 17 October

20:30 - 22:30
Canteen Valhalla -  Veerlaan 11, Feijenoord
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