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Hendrik IV - ongeschikt voor kinderen House of Nouws

If he wants a world with only pizza Hawaii, then there will only be pizza Hawaii. It's that simple. Today he will make the impossible possible in The Great King Henry Show. According to Het Bureau, Henry IV is unsuitable for children. Action must be taken. But the show has already started and no one knows exactly what's to come.

Hendrik IV – unsuitable for children is a remake of the successful performance by director Sanne Nouws from 2017. Now, seven years later, this performance is more topical than ever. House of Nouws tampers with the rules of the game with a lot of bravado and energetic playing. We ask our audience questions such as: Which truth do you want to believe in? And: Which voice can we best listen to?

About House of Nouws

House of Nouws creates colorful performances about existential themes with lots of humor and creamy acting. They are festively disruptive and cannot exist without the uncensored reactions of the children. No two performances of House of Nouws are the same and the audience is challenged to think and talk.

House of Nouws is an artistic core of contemporaries and a proven partnership. Sanne Nouws is the artistic director and permanent director of House of Nouws. Scenographers Liesje Knobel and Sanne Lips, lighting designer Wilfred Loopstra and mime artist Nina Fokker form the artistic core. They find each other in an idealistic belief in the power of theater and create contemporary performances together.

House of Nouws has existed since 2019 and is located in Tilburg in Theater De Nieuwe Vorst, which, together with Schouwburg and Concertzaal Tilburg, leads to intensive collaborations. House of Nouws is continuously working on an audience reach that also extends beyond the theaters. At a festival, in a park, on the schoolyard, she likes to show up in unexpected places to stir curious souls.

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Sun 15 Dec

Sunday 15 December

From € 8,00 tot € 13,00
Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg -  Schouwburgplein 25, Centrum
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