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Harrie's Hol 2+

Long, long ago, in prehistoric times, there lived people like you and me. But they had no bicycles, computers or supermarkets. They found their food in the forest and lived in holes made of round stones.

This story is about a prehistoric man named Harrie. Harrie lived in a beautiful den that he had built himself. He dug up roots to eat and knew all the animals in the area. But one day he could no longer go into his hole, because his belly had become too big from all the roots. He decided to look for more stones to make his den bigger.

During his journey, Harrie met another prehistoric man, Bob. They both wanted to build on the same site and got into an argument. They built a high wall of all the stones they found, so that everyone had their own place. But then the stones were gone, and they could build no more caves.

Ultimately, Harrie and Bob understood that it was better to work together. They tore down the wall and built one big cave in which they lived together. So they became great friends, ate carrots together and lived contentedly in their shared super cave.

The moral of this story? Working together is much more fun than being alone!

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Friday 1 November

15:00 - 16:00
From € 10,00
Little Valhalla -  Sumatraweg 9-11, Feijenoord
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