Get a bite out of bed - Bram van Beusekom <sup>3+</sup>

Get a bite out of bed - Bram van Beusekom 3+

Isa and Niek want to sleep now. The curtains are closed, teeth are neatly brushed and pajamas are on. Everything has been checked, so the night light can be turned off. It is dark for a moment, but then…

Huh, is that light looking at me? No, that's not possible, we have to sleep. Hey, your pillow is running after that toothbrush, wagging its tail! Is the laundry basket eating our blankets? Quick, jump on my mattress and we'll sail away!

Are you ready for the biggest adventure you can imagine?

Toddler hour

During toddler hour, toddlers are introduced to theater. They watch a half-hour performance. Performances are always recognizable and deal with topics that children deal with on a daily basis. After the performance there is an extra activity.

About Bram van Beusekom

Bram makes object theater and combines puppetry and mime. With his curiosity he makes seemingly lifeless objects come to life in a wonderful way. Through his humor and playful energy, Bram knows how to stimulate his audience and take them on a journey through everyone's own imagination.

All dates

Wed 1 May
Wed 1 May

Wednesday 1 May

From € 6,50
Theater Zuidplein -  Gooilandsingel 95, Charlois
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