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Geishas of Doom

The Lo-Fi punk band Geishas of Doom consists of members of bands such as Birth of Joy, Temple Fang and Shaking Godspeed. Their music is a primitive, psychotic and ruthless cry against everything that has strayed into perfectionism, narcissism, polarization and hypocrisy in today's world. Their tap-and-go psychedelic punk is melodic but wild, short and concise, and above all wonderfully cutting and loud, carving its way like a home-built rally car racing through the desert on its way to freedom.

The group has released four albums, 'Sick Music for Sicker People' parts 1 to 4. Crazy records filled with noise, screams and songs of no longer than 90 seconds. A tribute to times gone by, to the heyday of thick mustaches and cool vinyl records. Inspired by the general flattening of humanity and the DIY underground culture of the 80s/90s (think SST, Discord, Touch and Go), the band, led by two powerful drummers, mercilessly destroys every stage and festival where they perform .

All dates

Fri 12 Jul
21:30 - 23:00

Friday 12 July

21:30 - 23:00
From € 11,00
Vessel 11 (V11) -  Wijnhaven 101, Centrum
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