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Filmcursus: Politics

Just like four years ago, we will have the same battle again: Biden vs Trump. It promises another exciting race to the White House. History shows that there has always been commotion in their politics. American film has been closely involved in what is happening in the political arena since its inception. Over four meetings we delve into the world of American politics through various fragments. Not only the real classics are discussed, but films, series and documentaries that you have probably never heard of also paint a picture of this intriguing world. We see exciting presidential races, life in the White House and various crises that American presidents have faced. During these lessons, the depiction of major political events (from the assassination of Kennedy and the Civil Rights Movement to Wikileaks, terrorism and recent movements (such as MeToo and Black Lives Matter)) will also be analyzed in film. This film course has already been given earlier in 2020 , will have been slightly adjusted, but broadly the same fragments are used.

All dates

Mon 23 Sept

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