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Filmcursus: filmgenres en filmstromingen

People often have a specific preference for certain film genres or film movements. Everyone knows the most obvious timeless film genres: the stupid action film, the predictable (romantic) comedy, the long drama film, the unbelievable science fiction film or the bad horror film. These films too often rely on ready-made film formulas. Yet these genres are often more complicated than they seem at first glance. But how did these genres originate and how did they influence each other? New genres are also emerging all the time, such as the found footage film, and there are genres that almost no one knows anymore, simply because they are almost never made anymore, such as the White Picket Fence genre. In addition to film genres, there are also film movements, which are often time-bound. Think of the German Expressionism of the 1920s or the Film Noir of the 1940s and 1950s. But what exactly is an arthouse film and is there such a thing as an Oscar film? There will always be filmmakers who try to stay outside these boxes, but will they succeed? Four evenings spread over two weeks we will delve into this fantastic film journey, a must for every film lover! This film course was given earlier in 2019 and is being repeated by popular demand! About the teacher: Rudi de Boer Film scientist Rudi de Boer has always had a great interest in everything that has to do with film. During his studies in theater, film and television studies, he started his search for the history of film. During this period he got to know different film cultures and developed a fascination with suspense master Alfred Hitchcock.

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Mon 8 Jul

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