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Falling (try-outs) try-outs

Falling is an enchanting performance full of swirling winds and falling figures. The piece explores gravity, stimulates the imagination and sharpens the senses. Through the use of fans and wind machines, which are controlled by dancers and visitors, various wind sources and currents are active on stage that create a 'falling' image. With this fact, choreographer Joop Oonk searches for a gap, a stretching or a freezing of this movement. The 'fall' represents the unpredictability of life, with the wind as a symbol for the hand in hand of freedom and destruction.

Falling is strongly inspired by an emotional event in Oonk's life, which a good friend found shortly after a brain haemorrhage. The performance symbolizes the moments of being in control and losing control, and the impact on and resilience of individuals and their loved ones after a traumatic experience.

About Misiconi

Misiconi is a Rotterdam dance company with inequality as its greatest asset. The company plays artistically high-quality dance pieces nationally and internationally with a mixed group of dancers in an equal collaboration.

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Thu 4 Jul
Fri 5 Jul
Thu 18 Jul
Fri 19 Jul

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