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El Paraíso

Julio Cesar, who is almost forty years old, lives with his coke-snorting mother on the outskirts of Rome, where paradise is far away. Awarded Best Actress, Best Script and Best Italian Film at the Venice Festival.

Julio Cesar is almost forty years old and still lives with his mother, a Colombian woman with a turbulent personality. They live as illegal immigrants on the outskirts of Rome. The pair share almost everything: a house on the river, memories of the past, the small amount of money they earn from a local drug dealer and the passion for evenings of salsa and merengue.

An existence on the margins that is at once symbiotic and oppressive, but also very loving. The precarious balance threatens to be disturbed by the arrival of Ines, a young Colombian who has just made her first journey as a cocaine 'mule'. Between desire and jealousy, the situation quickly spirals out of control, to the point where Julio will have to take drastic measures on a painful journey that will take him to his native Colombia for the first time.

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Mon 22 Apr
Tue 23 Apr

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