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Egg Idiot + Cosmo$ians

Egg Idiot

Hard boiled, sunny-side-up or scrambled; everybody loves their eggs in a different way. If you'd ask us, we like us in a very specific way: life-sized, screaming and jumping around on a stage or crowdsurfing over the audience! You guessed it: EGG IDIOT is back - and this time he won't be alone! If you were cool enough to be at Left of the Dial back in 2021, you'll definitely remember the bizarre energy this egg-centric fella brought to the stage all by himself - so imagine the absolute chaos it's gonna be now that he's bringing a full band!

The Cosmosians

The Cosmosians, from planet earth, make their long-awaited post-covid comeback in 2024. Expect weirdo punk that feels like a sucker punch to the groin.

All dates

Thu 9 May
21:00 - 23:00

Thursday 9 May

21:00 - 23:00
From € 10,00
Little Red Riding Hood - Burgerbitch -  Delftseplein 39, Centrum
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