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De Drie Musketieners

D'Artagnan knows exactly what he wants; to the big city and become a musketeer!

Only his busy life and his work in his parents' Prikmobiel Pub get in the way of his dream. Until a grumpy new mayor is elected in the city, who wants far too strict new city rules.

“I will ban everything that children like.” – Mayor Dick Kok

TikTok, theatre, playing outside and eating sweets will be banned, nothing should distract children from studying and building a career. The new mayor wants his city to become the most efficient city in the world. And that also means that the rebellious musketeers should be banned quickly.

D'Artagnan must put a stop to that! Because not only his Musketeer dream but also his parents' Prikbubble business is in danger of being destroyed by the mayor.

D'Artagnan moves to the city and is confronted with an increasingly boring society, just as the new mayor wants it. He then falls in love with the beautiful Constance, who turns out to be the daughter of this mayor! What should he do with that?

Will D'Artagnan be able to find the remaining three Musketeers and join them? Only the camaraderie of these rebellious young people can make a stand against an increasingly efficient city, in which no fun is allowed.

Under the motto 'one for all and all for one', the remaining musketeers are still fighting for the right to have fun and against the new mayor.

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Sat 21 Dec
Thu 26 Dec
Fri 27 Dec
Sat 28 Dec
Sun 29 Dec
Thu 2 Jan
Fri 3 Jan
Sat 4 Jan
Sun 5 Jan
Fri 10 Jan

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