De Circusbroers <sup></sup>

De Circusbroers

The circus brothers have done it again: the masts are level, the tent is stretched and the flag is waving in the wind. One sweeps the track and the other ensures that all artists are there on time. Let the show begin! At least that was the intention, but one of the brothers forgot something...

They face a big challenge! Will these skiers become artists themselves?

The Circus Brothers is a real family show! This unique show consists of a succession of dazzling circus acts. At a fast pace and with a lot of humor, these acts form an unforgettable performance!

This crazy circus show will keep you entertained, amazed, on the edge of your seat, but above all, you will be doubled over with laughter.

All dates

Sun 15 Sept
11:00 - 12:00

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