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Consilium Humanum | Plattegrond van de mens - installaties van Ab Bol

In his Consilium Humanum, artist Ab Bol depicts his vision of the emotions, behavior and motivations of man. The human map is a fictional system based on the classification systems used by biologists and naturalists.

Ab Bol has been collecting all his life. The found stones, shells, twigs and skulls now find a place in his works of art. The handmade cupboards and cabinets are reminiscent of the presentation formats of natural history museums and the cabinets of curiosities of the past. However, with one important difference: hunting trophies, butterfly boxes and nature collections always show man's view of nature. Nature is ordered according to human insight. In his Consilium Humanum, Ab Bol turns this view around: from his works of art, nature looks at man, who in turn is ordered and examined.

The art project, which started in 2016, is still in full development. New finds are still being added and new discoveries are being made in the map of man. In this way, people are brought into the picture more and more clearly.

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7 Jul - 3 Nov

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