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When two of the three members come from the acclaimed band Ought, things can hardly go wrong. Cola is the Phoenix that rose from these ashes. A modern post-punk band of high quality, who perform their pointed guitar music in a controlled manner and with surgical precision. Within their contemporary sound, everything fits together seamlessly, like the blueprint of an architectural masterpiece.

Every song on the debut album Diep In View, released in 2022, feels like putting down the last piece of the puzzle. It feels complete, considered and like everything is right. The drums are tight as a washboard, the bass and guitar fit together in an ingenious way and the stoic vocals are delivered with just the right amount of emotion without going off the rails. Exactly the same case with the song Keys Down If You Stay, released in April 2023, although the vocals sometimes seem to become a little more loose. The three band members dance a perfect version of the tango together in their sharp, fresh and exciting mix of lively post-punk and smart indie rock.

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Thu 9 May
21:30 - 23:00

Thursday 9 May

21:30 - 23:00
From € 13,50
Vessel 11 (V11) -  Wijnhaven 101, Centrum
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