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Christopher Paul Stelling Forgotten But Not Gone & Few and Far Between

"I've been hesitant to talk about it much, but the more I slowly do - the more I notice how much the subject - and just the general situation itself - is so accessible and so familiar to so many. Up until this point I'd been lucky in love. Recently I played a set of these songs live for the first time, and within the first minute of the first song, 4 people were crying. It was a revelation for me as a writer and performer to meet my audience in this new place. at the bottom of the abyss, and then rebuild our spirits over the course of the show. I've never written about love, loss, or grief in this way, mainly because I hadn't experienced it before. This is it album that I never wanted to make, but here we are, here I am. I don't know where I would be today without my craft, maybe I wouldn't be here at all, and I'm grateful and humbled by it. ."

This new album is in fact more like 2 LPs than a typical "long" album as Stelling has conceived it. “I just had so much in me and time was running out, I couldn't let too much water pass under the proverbial bridge before releasing these songs.” These 20 new songs mark a turning point for Stelling, an artist who has been appreciated in the past for his vulnerability, but who now explores the intricacies of marriage, divorce, longing, grief and, above all, reconstruction.

The album was written and recorded by Stelling at home, where he lived all alone for the first time in his life. “Being alone keeps you honest – that or it drives you crazy.” Stelling had already delved into recording and producing himself on his previous album "Forgiving It All", but unlike that record, which was recorded live with only himself and his guitar, Forgotten But Not Gone(...) shows that Stelling arranges and plays all the instruments, sometimes as a full rock band, sometimes a quiet folk rock ballad, sometimes a furious choir of feedback and drone. "I can't say I intended it to be so varied, but I think the record in its way captures all the stages of sadness and longing, despair and hope that naturally accompany such a life event. I'm proud on what I've created here, and I can only hope that somehow it will find the right people who are looking for something that will help them get through something like what I went through, something that will help to mend a broken heart.

''Christoper Paul Stelling, songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia, has released 7 albums to date and performed thousands of concerts in the US and EU. Over the past decade, Stelling has toured as a headliner and support for Son Little, Mavis Staples, The Devil Makes Three, Ben Harper and many others. Stelling released a trio of albums for indie favorite Anti-records (Tom Waits, Merle Haggard, Niko Case) and performed several times at the Newport Folk Festival and CBS Saturday Morning. Stelling is known for his intricate finger-style guitar and proven vocal performance.

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