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CHAOS | Davey Turnhout

Davey's life is 'CHAOS', but that's nothing new.

In fact; with an umbilical cord around his neck, a scalpel blade in his ribs, and a father who attacked the doctor because of it, he was literally born into it. Combine that with a Peter Pan Syndrome and severe ADD and the chaos is complete.

In his second performance 'Chaos', comedian/cabaret artist Davey Turnhout is completely fed up. He is now in his late thirties, father, husband and thinks it is high time to get the chaos in his life and mind in order. Life is chaotic enough with two small children, a puppy, a household and “career”.

So time for more rest, more lists and more pills...

But what if some of the chaos is caused by a deep-seated trauma from your childhood? A trauma that you have always kept to yourself and that has haunted you like a shadow all your life. How do you get rid of that? Fortunately, Davey has learned that shadows disappear when you bring them into the light. And there is no light that shines brighter than the spotlights on stage. Chaos is an open and honest comedy show about the beautiful and less beautiful sides of life. Sometimes raw, usually hilarious and always authentic.


What one person experiences as perfect order is chaos for another. -Dean Koontz

Humor is emotional chaos that you remember in silence. -James Thurber

Only the stupid need order, the genius controls chaos. -Albert Einstein

Biography Davey Turnhout

With his debut performance 'Not Normal Happy' he won the jury prize of the Amsterdam Student Cabaret Festival and toured Dutch theaters for two years.

Davey, with his relaxed stage presence and boyish appearance, gets away with jokes that some fellow comedians envy. Sometimes painfully honest, sometimes harsh, but always delivered with a lot of love and self-mockery.

Davey is currently working on his second show, called 'CHAOS', is a regular comedian at Comedy Cafe, a member of the Knock Out Comedy Crew and has appeared in several TV programs, including GTST, where he appeared as the comedian himself.

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Wed 16 Oct 20:30 - 21:00 Studio de Bakery Buy tickets

Wednesday 16 October

20:30 - 21:00
From € 17,50 tot € 27,50
Studio de Bakery -  Bergweg 283, Noord
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