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Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry

Charming and stubborn love story in which the untethered Etero goes on a sexual journey against all conventions. Was one of the audience favorites of the last International Film Festival Rotterdam (rated 4,411 out of 5).

This subtle gem of a film is based on the celebrated novel by feminist writer Tamta Melashvili and follows Etero, a resolute 48-year-old woman who lives in a provincial village in Georgia. Etero cherishes her freedom as much as her shop and the blackberries she picks.

In her Georgian village she is the center of gossip because she has no husband, yet she is proud of her unconventional life. Until, after a near-death experience, she falls head over heels for supplier Murman.

After 48 years of virginity and freedom, Etero suddenly finds herself in a passionate sexual whirlwind, after which she is faced with the inevitable choice: alone or together? With lots of charm and picturesque camera work, this internationally acclaimed portrait of a headstrong woman meanders between the pleasure of sexual discovery and the liberating independence of being alone.

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Fri 10 May

Friday 10 May

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€ 6,00
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