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Baroeg Open Air 2024

The festival is characterized by its broad, underground programming and relaxed atmosphere. The fifteenth edition of Baroeg Open Air will take place on Saturday, September 14, 2024 in the Zuiderpark near Ahoy.


If you named your band after a drug for constipation, you know you are not dealing with an average act. No, you can quite easily place the Czech Gutalax in the goregrind genre. The fact that they still give the necessary groove to the noise can be seen as a big plus. It will undoubtedly be a party. The gentlemen have already proven this a number of times in Baroeg itself. So now it's high time for a place on the main stage of BOA where Gutalax will inform you about various types of feces.


The British Juno Reactor has been creating a mix of danceable mix, orchestral and world music for more than 30 years. Ben Watkins, the center of the project, has achieved the most fame in the GOA scene with world hits such as Pistolero, Navras and Mona Lisa Overdrive. The latter songs appear in the film and soundtrack The Matrix Reloaded. Juno Reactor's latest EP, Into Valhalla, is a wonderfully bouncing psytrance record. On September 14, Juno Reactor will come to the Zuiderpark with his band (including singer, guitarist and flamenco dancer) to completely turn the electronic stage upside down, just like Infected Mushroom last year. Juno Reactor has already played at major festivals such as Roskilde, Burning Man and Glastonbury, and they will soon be able to add Baroeg Open Air to that list!


The Belgian Klakmatrak cannot be put into a musical box. Sven Vanneste (frontman of the Belgian post-metal band STAKE) and singer Dreeten van Maris call it 'techno for metalheads'. Supplemented with styles such as gabber, french-core, speed-core, industrial noise, hardcore, punk and disco, you come somewhat close to the chaotic atmospheres that Klakmatrak transports you to. Bounce along with Klakmatrak because these Belgians will give you exactly the boost you want to experience on our Stroomstoot internship!


Neurocore is XTC in audio form. Effective against sadness and malaise. Recommended amount of this hardcore-ambient mix: at least one live set per year. Neurocore users report euphoric feelings and total surrender to rattling kicks. Spaced synths are experienced as a warm bath. Halfway through the set, listeners indicate that they 'float further and further into flashcore heaven with each kick'. Apart from a high risk of addiction, there are no known side effects.



Children up to 12 years old have free admission.

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Sat 14 Sept 12:00 - 23:00 Zuiderpark Buy tickets

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