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Baby Rose

Baby Rose makes healing music for the aimless and broken-hearted. The nominated singer/songwriter and producer naturally has a uniquely rich voice that lends itself perfectly to her powerful, smoky ballads that lament lost love and broken futures. “I make music to help myself through things,” she says. The penetrating honesty and vulnerability that she brings to her texts, in turn, helps others to process their feelings and find a place of healing. For Rose, it's an ongoing journey. “If I'm going to leave anything behind, it's bringing people back to themselves,” she says. “As I come back to myself, it's a constant reset: Remember who you are, remember who you want to be.”

Raised in Washington DC, the artist, born Jasmine Rose Wilson, first realized the power of her voice by reading original poems at family gatherings. Despite being bullied for her lower vocal register throughout her childhood and teenage years, she eventually found solace in writing songs and singing while playing the piano, inspired by greats like Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and Janis Joplin—strong women who also have unique voices. owned.

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Wed 18 Sept
20:00 - 23:45

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Wednesday 18 September

20:00 - 23:45
From € 22,00 tot € 22,00
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