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As The World Hurts - Antiklimax

David Westera and Koen van Seuren (Antiklimax) are tired of the city. Get rid of those gray concrete walls; for Heaven's sake give them the wide freedom of the forest! We have been so busy with ourselves that we have forgotten Mother Nature. We have been bad children. We are no longer allowed anything as punishment. Less flies, less meat, less, less, less. And less is more, right?

In As The World Hurts, Antiklimax takes you into the forest. A romantic but desperate boy makes the decision of his life: he sacrifices his cultural life of luxury for a life in the woods. He leaves the civilized world behind and heads into the wilderness. Free from laws, obligations and etiquette, he hopes to get closer to his true nature. But is there still room for humans in nature?

You may know Antiklimax from their previous performance Hamlet versus Don Quixote, with which they also came to Valhalla.

The press about previous work by Antiklimax:

“A remarkable mix of literature, life issues, fantasy, language discoveries. A gift full of energy and curious events.” - Ingrid de Vries about Hamlet versus Don Quixote

“An incredible zest for life, bravado, imagination, eloquence and, above all, talent!” - Dio van Velden about Peer Gynt (plays David Westera)

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Sat 19 Oct 20:30 - 22:30 Workshop Valhalla Buy tickets

Saturday 19 October

20:30 - 22:30
From € 17,50
Workshop Valhalla -  Tolhuisstraat 105, Feijenoord
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