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Als het anders loopt | 8+ Het Houten Huis / Plan d- / Club Guy and Roni

Anyone can end up here, my father says. He fills out an endless stack of forms and I have to be quiet. It's been going on for at least a hundred and ten hours. There is a high counter, with two blue hands behind it. They tell us what to do, but I don't understand.

People come and go. A girl on an IV dances so lightly, I think she could fly. The boy who just sat next to me has no arms and legs, but he can do everything. You can also get lost here. A woman with a head so big that she almost falls over walks through the corridors.

And me, I'm just different. That's a good thing, my father says. So much is already the same.

Awards and nominations

If things turn out differently won the Zilveren Krekel 2023 for “most impressive youth theater production” The VSCD jury about If things turn out differently:

“Aesthetics in stark contrast to the ugly reality of excessive bureaucracy and distrust, which turn the government into a monster that grinds the individual to pieces. You get a deep respect for all the characters in this performance and the makers/players touch you very much.”

If things turn out differently, the Young Swan 2023 would win for “most impressive dance production 2023”. The VSCD jury on If things turn out differently:

“In an exceptional example of multidisciplinary collaboration – in which the set and performers remain constantly in motion – they succeed in translating a pressing social problem into an exciting and moving theatrical form.”

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Monday 21 April

From € 12,50 tot € 19,00
Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg -  Schouwburgplein 25, Centrum
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