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Alleen maar lieve jongens | 8+ HNT Jong

Fantasy world on the kitchen counter

Zeno is busy, he breaks everything and talks too loudly. The teacher says. He says he has to follow the girls as an example. Zeno doesn't understand it – maybe it's because there are no girls at his house. He doesn't even have a mother, just two fathers. At home at the kitchen table, Zeno appoints one of his fathers as mother. His fathers take one look and the battle starts. They jump onto the kitchen counter and plunge into Zeno's fantasy world. In a search for a mother figure, all kinds of mothers, fathers and sons are reviewed. Zeno slowly discovers that every family is different and that there are hundreds of types of boys.

With live music full of sweet songs and hard guitars

After Supernormal (5+), director Loek de Bakker is once again creating a performance at HNTjong that questions the norm. He does this together with prize-winning writer Casper Vandeputte, who received a Zilveren Krekel for the performances STOM | 10+ and Bloedlink |14+

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Datum Tijd Locatie Ticketlink
Sun 6 Apr 15:00 Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg Buy tickets

Sunday 6 April

From € 8,00 tot € 13,00
Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg -  Schouwburgplein 25, Centrum
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