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All you can Art

The creative energy is literally tangible all summer long in the open studio and the organically growing exhibition in the Kunsthal. IBB founders and artists David Bade and Tirzo Martha work together with social practice artists Dik Kreuk, Claire Zandvliet, Pip Wong, Heather Beveridge, Travis Geertruida & Eugenie Boon on various projects inside and outside the Kunsthal.

All summer long you can make art yourself in the Kunsthal, together with the artists. This year, the carnival theme, and the associated road pieces (floats), are the common thread in the artists' projects. Work with David Bade side by side with the elderly and nurses from Laurens or dive with visitors to the Paulus Church in the open studio of Tirzo Martha, where art is created through collaboration and solidarity. Pip Wong and Heather Beveridge join forces and create a road piece together with REAKT that focuses on the feeling of 'coming home'. In the studio of Eugenie Boon and Travis Geertruida you can be inspired by the colors and fabrics of the Curaçao carnival and make your own sculpture from fabric. Dik Kreuk and Claire Zandvliet will work with you on the installation 'path of life', which symbolizes the journey you take in life.

Summer school

The Summer School is an important part of All you can Art every year. A group of creative talents - of all ages, backgrounds and education levels - are given the opportunity to develop artistically for five weeks based on the master-apprentice principle. All students will experiment, debate and collaborate under the guidance of artists at all locations and with all partners.

Art for everyone

Since 2016, the team of artists, under the inspiring leadership of David Bade and Tirzo Martha, has been working with numerous neighborhood initiatives, Rotterdam artists, students, local residents, entrepreneurs and social institutions. Regular partners include Reakt , Pauluskerk and Laurens elderly care. All you can Art shows the connecting role art can play in society. Especially for anyone who cannot make this connection naturally. The experimental character and the position that art takes responsibility towards fellow human beings and society is ideally suited to looking for possibilities. If you would like to become a partner with your organization, please let us know via allyoucanart@kunsthal.nl

All dates

13 Jul - 1 Sept
Kunsthal Rotterdam

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