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ALL OVER / ALT NÅ Eivind Seljeseth (NO) NO

Like an audio guide or a fake indoctrination machine, the audience is guided through the performance by the dancers' voices through headphones that hang from the ceiling and connect directly to the machinery of the theater. These voices comment, interpret and associate with the space and the unfolding events, each imbued with individual nuances depending on the audience member's seating position. This promotes an intimate and personal relationship between the audience and the dancers on stage.

The movement material, developed in collaboration with the dancers, is a rich range of references, on the boundaries between usability, facial expressions and poetic expression. Through textual, auditory and bodily elements, the project aims to emphasize the duality of the singular plural, exploring the complex interplay between information, projection and manipulation.

Eivind Seljeseth is involved in various collaborations in the Norwegian art field. We are excited to introduce Eivind to the Dutch audience for the first time with ALL OVER / ALT NÅ.


Eivind Seljeseth, a graduate of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (MA in Choreography) and the University College of Dance Art, lives in Oslo and works as a choreographer and dancer. His choreographic interests are broad and manifest in various forms. One of his artistic objectives is to create a specific 'poetry' of spaces, places and situations through physical, technical, virtual and conceptual interventions.

All dates

Fri 27 Sept
Sat 28 Sept

Friday 27 September

From € 10,00 tot € 17,00
Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg -  Schouwburgplein 25, Centrum
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