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aCORdo - Alice Ripoll

Instead of giving literal answers, Ripoll invites us to see the city through the eyes of artists she has worked with for eight years: black residents of a favela. At the heart of Rio lies a delicate balance, maintained by policing that protects the wealthy from the city's deep inequalities. Routine 'checks' target the poorest residents and serve as an intimidation tactic. This keeps the streets safe for theatergoers and mallgoers and protects them from collective robberies and encounters with marginalized individuals trapped in the favelas by these invisible barriers.

In aCORdo we explore the blurred boundaries between waking, dreams, thoughts, actions and physical existence. Movement creates a new space between the public and private spheres, where alternative ways of occupying space and bodies emerge. In a private setting, four uniformed dancers enter into a dialogue with the audience, creating mysterious and transformative connections through the power of dance.

We are delighted to welcome Alice Ripoll as one of our featured artists for this edition of Feeling Curious? Festival. During her time in Rotterdam she will work with local talent and bring her perspective and expertise to our community. Ripoll was part of Feeling Curious? since our first edition where she presented her work LAVAGEM.


Alice Ripoll studied psychology before shifting her focus at the age of 21 to explore the possibilities of body and movement research, which led her to pursue dance. She graduated from Angel Vianna's school, a renowned center for dance and motor rehabilitation, and started her career as a choreographer. Ripoll works with dancers, actors and circus artists and incorporates contemporary and urban dance styles from Brazil. Her work creates space for dancers to translate their experiences and memories into vivid images. She currently directs two groups: Cia. REC and CIA. SUAVE.

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Fri 4 Oct
Sat 5 Oct

Friday 4 October

From € 10,00
Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg -  Schouwburgplein 25, Centrum
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