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The posters and logos of the Rotterdam design agency 75B are striking and unmissable in the street scene. The exhibition Klootviolen - a reference to the experimental and playful working method of founders Rens Muis and Pieter Vos - brings together more than 25 years of creative designs. Using personal stories and sketches, you can see how the striking flyers, posters, logos and trailers, which do not shy away from humor and controversy, are created.

Muis (1974) and Vos (1971) are the creative minds behind 75B, a name as an abstract code that could refer to a house number, pencil strength, bra size, plan B, and more. In the 1990s, Muis and Vos founded the design agency and made a name for themselves with their playful flyers in the cultural scene for, among others, the legendary club RoXY and NOW&WOW. Commissions soon followed for International Film Festival Rotterdam, Susan Bijl, Ro Theater, de Doelen, LantarenVenster and Mondriaan Fund. Experiment is the basis of the applied and free work of 75B. For example, Mouse and Fox play with language and images, preferably without a predetermined goal. This working method results in conceptual designs with a wink, such as the posters for the Annabel music venue. With colorful posters, 75B positions the Annabel brand as a seventeen-year-old girl who draws her own posters and invites you to her parties. Klootviolen also shows free work by Mouse and Fox, including their large, colorful paintings with slogans such as 'this is nothing' and 'everything will be fine' - which Mouse and Fox often say to each other - and Woven Cities, a large tapestry on which the coat of arms of Rotterdam is depicted using iconic logos and symbols. On the occasion of the exhibition, 75B is designing a series of posters, no two copies of which are the same. These unique posters can be seen in the streets of Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam and The Hague from April 22.

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16 Mar - 30 Jun
Kunsthal Rotterdam

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Rotterdam design studio 75B exhibits at Kunsthal

Every Rotterdammer has seen expressions by 75B before. For years, Rens Muis and Pieter Vos of the Rotterdam-based design agency have been responsible for the posters, flyers, posters, logos and trailers of Annabel, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Susan Bijl, Ro Theatre, de Doelen and...

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Rotterdam design studio 75B exhibits at Kunsthal

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