2KM2 – Twee Vierkante Kilometer Stad <sup></sup>

2KM2 – Twee Vierkante Kilometer Stad

Cinematic, recording portrait of the seasons on two square kilometers of Rotterdam's Kop van Zuid, where all metropolitan contradictions and developments can be found. Authentic neighborhoods with their characteristic old and new residents and spectacular new construction on abandoned port sites.

In collaboration with André van der Hout, Carel van Hees mapped out the mores and customs of a special people here during the year 2007. Watched and listened. Observed and ranked. The result is a documentary about life in a contemporary big city. The image goes far beyond the limited area where it is captured. As life refreshes itself, the color and shape of the city constantly change, we slowly gain insight into the constant that lies beneath. The DNA of Rotterdam.

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Sat 20 Apr
Sun 21 Apr

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