Nira Tal & Zuva Martens <sup></sup>

Nira Tal & Zuva Martens

Nira is a comedian known for her understated delivery and wry takes on life. She’s an Israel-native, 40-something mother and wife. In 2018, she turned to comedy as part of her midlife crisis and discover that mediocrity is also an art form.

“…her way of viewing the world is simultaneously relatable and hilariously baffling… Her material will be stuck in your head long after the evening's over.”

- Steven Morgan

Zuva Martens began his career as a stand-up comedian in 2016. Since then he’s represented The Netherlands at Stand Up for Eurovision in 2023, he’s written for BBC TWO’s Mock the Week panellist Ria Lina, and opened for multiple traveling comedians including Fern Brady, Glenn Wool, former The Daily Show writer Alingon Mitra and online sensations Paul Taylor and David Nihil.

He is a comedian with a sharp edge hidden in his soft and fluffy exterior. A bit nerdy and bit political, he finds the funny in his personal life, culture, and politics— mostly at his own expense. Touring all over Europe, Zuva is quickly becoming one of the most talked about comedians on the European comedy circuit.

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Za 25 mei
17:30 - 19:15

Zaterdag 25 mei

17:30 - 19:15
Vanaf € 16,00
Comedy Club Haug -  Boompjeskade 11, Centrum
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