La Risa Dam x Walhalla <sup></sup>

La Risa Dam x Walhalla

La Risa Dam hosts comedy events in Spanish, ranging from open mics, established stand-up sets and storytelling. It is the only event of its kind in the Netherlands. It previously hosted successful events in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.



This year’s Edinburgh Fringe Newcomer Award-winner. Lara is a twenty something year old comedian working in Amsterdam. She’s equal halves Mexican, American, and Venezuelan and equally as confused as you are about it. But telling stories helps.


Alejo is a software engineer from Buenos Aires, Argentina who currently lives in Eindhoven. Honestly, that’s more exciting than it sounds.


Violeta, born in Madrid, is 1568 millimeters tall. Half dancer, half architect, half

comedian... and half mathematician! Her sister says that she was born speaking and according to her parents she never stopped moving. The truth is that she devours chocolate and olives, and she must have stuck her fingers in a plug at some point in her childhood. She has lived in Amsterdam since 2016 but her bike has only been stolen once.


Fer is Argentinian and has very strong convictions. He found in comedy a way to convince people of things without them realizing it. Yet he is rarely successful.


A very intense Venezuelan trying to understand why Dutch people don’t speak or fuck much.

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Zaterdag 30 septemberZa 30 sep
20:30 - 22:45
Theater Walhalla

Zaterdag 30 september

20:30 - 22:45
Vanaf € 17,50
Theater Walhalla -  Sumatraweg 9, Feijenoord
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