Creative Strings Day <sup></sup>

Creative Strings Day

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One day fully packed with workshops, immersed in a friendly and loose atmosphere, exploring the realms of improv and rhythm with members of the North Sea String Quartet.

The quartet consists of violinists Pablo Rodriguez & George Dumitriu, violist Yanna Pelser and cellist Thomas van Geelen.

For string players familiar with improvisation, you'll delve further into group string playing, composing techniques and tricks, stylistic insights in world music, and gain a deeper focus on extended playing techniques like chopping, ‘guitar’ or 'cello-bass' playing, among others.

Depending on your interest and level, you can spend more time on specific subjects with one or more teachers.

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Zaterdag 4 novemberZa 4 nov
10:00 - 17:00

Zaterdag 4 november

10:00 - 17:00
Vanaf € 68,90 tot € 93,90
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Stedelijk Museum Schiedam - KUSAMA Advertentie

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